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Google Launches Tamil Language Support For AdSense- AdWords

If you've ever worked with a marketing consultant or done a Google search, you've probably had someone tell you to use Google AdWords. You want to give them some website information, particularly the homepage of your site, the language that your site is in, and then also agree to the terms of service, which is basically ‘I don't have any non-G-rated content on my site and I won't encourage people to click.' Once that's set up, click on Continue, and then wait for the AdSense team to get back to you.

While both programs are full-featured Nanodegree programs offering the same suite of benefits and services—such as real-world projects, expert project review, mentorship, career guidance, and more—the Digital Marketing Nanodegree program instills a 360-degree understanding of the digital marketing ecosystem, and the Google AdWords Nanodegree program teaches an in-depth understanding of one tool in the digital marketing ecosystem: the Google AdWords platform.

Google AdSense video ads give you a new method of connecting with your target audience You don't have to rely on Facebook users; you don't have to wait for users to search for the right keywords to have an AdWords campaign pop up. The ability to use video to draw users in and capture their interest quickly is a huge asset of video, and that holds true for video ads, too.

One black hole (and potential pitfall) is the fact that google adsense advertising's Auto Ads seems to decide just how many ads it will place on a page — something you would have had more control over without it. This thread on Webmaster World details how some of the early beta testers were not pleased about how many ads ended up crowding their pages, and what that did to user experience on the site.

As you can see from the examples above, while most of the same general information is required by all platforms (a Privacy Policy that lets users know that you are using methods of data-collection technologies to show them interest-based ads, and how they can opt-out of this data collection), some do have more specific or different requirements above and beyond the basics that you'll be responsible for satisfying.

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