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When Working On High You Need To Pay Attention To What?

For work related to construction, repair, installation of machinery and equipment, maintenance in high-rise buildings, sound installation of lighting performances ... always have to work on high, so the For projects, the construction unit must have a plan to ensure absolute safety. This includes the following main contents:
• Risk assessment
The project owner and the construction unit must assess any risk related to the tasks and work of the workers such as the risk of fall, operation position with the height of over 3m. Then control and find solutions to eliminate any fall hazards.
The best way to eliminate the risk of falling accidents is to install scaffolding, flooring, lifting platforms, etc., in accordance with the installation instructions. For handrails, the railing must be installed.
• Identification of hazards
When workers face any of the following fall hazards
- Falling from a height of more than 3 meters.
- Falling into running machinery
- Drop into water or other liquid
- Falling into objects or toxins
- Fall into holes, holes on the work surface.
Employers must:
- Ensure that workers are trained and can use safety measures in accordance with safety instructions (verbal and written).
- Require workers to bring personal protective equipment in accordance with the instructions and training before.
• Rescue plan
The workplace safety plan must include the emergency plan in case workers fall from the height, including:
- Person responsible for rescue (safety staff ...)
- On-site emergency personnel, medical equipment first aid
- Medical emergency number
- Entrance to the ambulance
- Backup communication system.
- Rescue exercises
• Check, maintain and maintain protective equipment
All items, equipment and tools must be inspected before use; regular inspection and nắp gang thu nước maintenance; Replacement when failing to meet safety requirements; Storage of personal protective equipment and tools to avoid moisture, dust, abrasion, extreme temperatures and other hazards. Use appropriate container for storage, storage.
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